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Empathetic Designer
Abstract Thinking. Innovative Solutions.



Achieved rank in top 2 finalists (2018)

"NextGen Cart Design Challenge" organized by Bradford Airport Logistics at online platform

(Team Work)

Airport Material Transport Cart (AMTC),

Designed for Domestic as well as International Airports,
Unique Features: 

Foldable, Reliable & Robust, User friendly for handlers & airport staff



Selected as Wellbeing Warrior in campus (2018)

The Inspiring Incident:
This incident happened few days back when all the students of M:IPD (master's in Integrated Product Design) course were frustrated due to the ignorance and casual nature of the college. They all had unanimously decided to drop the course and leave the college with immediate effect. Likewise, few of the students went to the Provost to talk about the same. Provost consoled them and gave them a months’ time to think. I was devastated heartbroken on hearing this news. This course was the only option I had to pursue my future endeavors and it was at stake. In this tragic situation, I decided to talk to our counselor. She, in fact, not only took me out of the abyss of negative thoughts but also gave me a hope that I can inspire others to not take such a drastic decision. Likewise one by one I went on convincing people of the importance of this course in their respective careers. And my colleagues were quite receptive towards me. My efforts paid off and all they changed their mind of dropping the course. This was one of the best stupendous achievement in my career life. And I like to be a part of the well-being committee which will guide students and help them make appropriate decisions in difficult times.



Shortlisted in first round of ANT WAVE_ Reimagining our schools in a post-Covid world design contest

Solution Description:
Product Solution is based on a theme called ‘Virtual Airport’ named as Sky School. In this theme students are categorized according to their standards. Coloured boarding passes are given to students of respective standards. For example; All 8th standard students will have a blue colour boarding pass. In this boarding pass, passport size photo of student will be there with his/ her name, standard, section, check in and check out time, respective subject name with present & absent options, & some safety check points for a day such as temperature of body & carry handkerchief or not, if not then paper handkerchief will be given. This boarding pass will be checked at the entry gate of school after sanitizing hands before entry. The 15 to 20 students batch will be allowed to attain 1 subject class for half an hour. Simultaneously another 15 to 20 students batch will attain another subject. In this theme 2 to 3 students from each batch are selected daily for monitoring so that they can play airport officers roles as well. This theme also involves some interior of the airport such as seating arrangement, & some stalls of food, stationary items & other stuff. Through this proposed solution students will follow rules in a playful manner.

Awards: Services
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